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Pavement Repair

With a staggering number of roadways in need of repair across the U.S., the need for cost effective pavement improvement techniques remains one of the most pressing issues for roadway engineers and owners alike. In the past, many transportation agencies covered structurally sound concrete pavement with an asphalt overlay to improve the ride, friction or reduce tire pavement noise. With the recent increase in asphalt prices, the mill and overlay option is becoming far too expensive.

There are many pavement repair methods that will produce long term and cost effective solutions. From stitching, patching and sealing to dowel bar retrofit (DBR), the IGGA offers a variety of resources to meet these needs. Below, please find case studies, technical articles, fact sheets and other resources.


Afton Interchange on Will Rogers Turnpike in Oklahoma Repaired Using Using CPR - September 2009
Arterial Street Rehabilitation in Ames, Iowa - February 2010
Bullitt County, Kentucky Road Repair - September 2009
Concrete Patching and Maintenance for I-44 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - July 2009
Concrete Patching and Maintenance for I-84 in Box Elder County, Utah - April 2009
Concrete Patching and Repairs for I-94 in Dawson & Tappen, North Dakota - July 2009
Concrete Patching and Resealing Maintenance for Major City Roads in Glen Ellyn, Illinois - April 2009
Concrete Pavement Preservation Gives New Life to Cook County, Illinois Streets - November 2009
Concrete Pavement Restoration on State Highways in South Dakota - September 2009
First Major Dowel Bar Retrofit Project in Nevada Restores Reno Highway - March 2010
Highway 21 Repairs, Newark, New Jersey - June 2009
I-440 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation, Nashville, TN - July 2010
I-90 Diamond Grinding of Asphalt, Wall, South Dakota - June 2010
I-94 Repair from Upper Midwest to Upper Northwest Douglas & Grant Counties, Minnesota - June 2009
Infrastructure Improvements in Jonesboro, Arkansas - May 2010
Infrastructure Rehabilitation in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - March 2010
Interstate 10, San Bernardino, CA - November 2010
Interstate 29 Southbound Between Highway 200A and Highway 200 - Hillsboro, North Dakota - April 2009

Interstate-44 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Utilizes Concrete Pavement Restoration - August 2009
John Kilpatrick Turnpike, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Interstate-40 Near Yukon to I-35 - April 2009
Minnesota Dept. of Transportation Utilizes Full CPR Toolbox and Diamond Grinding - September 2009
National Highway Route 60 / MT200, Great Falls, MT - February 2011
Olmsted County in Rochester, Minnesota - Still Benefitting from Long Term Solution - March 2009
Pavement Rehabilitation in Jamestown, ND - October 2010
Rapid Road Repair in Highlands Ranch, Colorado - October 2009
Roller Compacted Concrete Grinding in Aiken, South Carolina - September 2009
Runway 9L - 27R, Fort Lauderdale, FL - January 2011
Runway and Taxiway Pavement Improvements in DeKalb County, Georgia - February 2010
Runway Rehabilitation at Dyess Air Force Base - January 2011
Salt Lake City Concrete Pavement Restoration - January 2010
U.S. Highway 153, Mosinee, Wis. - June 2011
U.S. Route 52, Rivers Avenue, Charleston, SC - June 2011
White Bear Lake Highway 61 - CPR Repairs Last 20 Years - September 2009


Buried Treasure Fact Sheet - May 2009
Concrete Grinding Residue - June 2011
CPR for City Streets Fact Sheet - May 2009
Dowel Bar Retrofit: Do's and Don'ts - March 2010
Dowel Bar Retrofit Effective for CPR in Washington State Fact Sheet - March 2010
Dowel Bar Retrofit Fact Sheet - February 2010
Partial Depth Repair (PDR) Fact Sheet - March 2010
Partial Depth Repair (PDR) Fact Sheet # 2 - June 2011
Rough Roads Fact Sheet - May 2009


Dowel Bar Retrofit Performance in Wisconsin (2010)
Guide for Partial Depth Repair of Concrete Pavements (2012)
Highway Concrete Pavement Technology Development & Testing Volume IV (2006)

Long Term Performance of DBR in Washington State (2009)
Minnesota State Aid Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation (CPR) Best Practices Manual (2006)
Precast Concrete Panels for Repair and Rehabilitation of Jointed ConcretePavements (2008)
Research Shows Concrete is Safe, Durable and Quiet (2004)
Sealing Joints and Cracks, Thin Resurfacing and Locating Voids Under Concrete Slabs
Strategic Planning for Pavement Preventive Maintenance (2002)
Ten Year Performance of Dowel Bar Retrofit (2003)


Diamond Grinding for Pavement Preservation (February 2010)
Diamond Grinding of Asphalt Pavement (November 2010)
Dowel Bar Retrofit (DBR) (October 2011)