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Technical Information

Joint and Crack Resealing

Joint Sealing Checklist (2002)
FHWA and FP2

Long Term Performance of Unsealed Jointed Concrete Pavements (2002)
Martin P. Burke and John W. Bugler

Materials and Procedures for Repair of Joint Seals in Portland Cement Concrete
Pavements - Manual of Practice (1999)
Federal Highway Administration

Minimize Wheel Slap: Keep Your Joints Narrow (2004)
American Concrete Pavement Association - R & T Update #5.05

Minnesota State Aid Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation (CPR) Best Practices Manual (2006)
Minnesota Dept. of Transportation

Sealing Joints and Cracks, Thin Resurfacing and Locating Voids Under Concrete Slabs
Transportation Research Board / Gordon K. Ray

Tech Brief: Construction of Long Life Sealant Performance (2011)
Seal / No Seal Group

Tech Brief: Evaluation of Backer Rod Absorption (2011)
Seal / No Seal Group

Tech Brief: Joint Movement Estimator for Designing Transverse Joint Sealant Installations (2011)
Seal / No Seal Group

Tech Brief: Joint Slap Evaluation and Prevention (2011)
Seal / No Seal Group

Tech Brief: Use of Silanes for Sealing Joints in Concrete Pavements (2011)
Seal / No Seal Group