Member Benefits

Member Benefits

When you join IGGA, you gain a dedicated network of marketing, promotion and technical experts. IGGA offers everything you need to succeed in the industry:

  • Promotional Literature including brochures, case studies and other marketing materials
  • Publicity of your projects on a local, state, national and international level
  • Technical bulletins and Fact Sheets
  • Engineering publications
  • Access to special reports and research
  • Entrance into coveted awards program
  • Networking and personal contact with industry representatives and public officials
  • Communications with specifiers and policy makers
  • Promotion of pavement preservation, maintenance and repair strategies to facility owners and specifiers
  • Access to key research initiatives with renowned members of academia
  • Development of guidelines and specifications for concrete pavement restoration/preservation methodologies working with the FHWA, FAA, AASHTO and other agencies and organizations


“In 2016, a concrete pavement preservation project in Olmsted County, Minn., required 1″ dowel bar units that, at the time of the bid, were not available due to a lack of molds and tooling for the manufacture of expansion caps and chairs. Fortunately, the companies involved in supplying the dowels and performing the site work already had working partnerships due to their membership in the IGGA. My company, Highway Materials, LLC was able to work with the manufacturer of the tooling for the plastic components to develop a timeline, then work with fellow IGGA members Diamond Surface, Inc. (the concrete grinding contractor) and CTS Cement (the concrete patching materials supplier) to coordinate efforts and meet the project deadline. We got the work completed in one month—an extremely tight schedule—because we were able to communicate well and there was a level of trust between the companies involved. We’d all worked together before and had confidence that everyone would do their part.”

Jake Steinberg, Vice President, Highway Materials, LLC