Your Pavement Preservation Resource

Owners can no longer afford to address their concrete pavement repair needs with short term solutions such as bituminous patches and thin asphalt overlays. Concrete Pavement Preservation and Restoration (CPP/CPR) projects offer a long term repair solution engineered to last many years, even decades. Motorists benefit from the resulting smooth, safe and quiet ride when pavements are treated using CPP/CPR. And with the huge need for repairing our infrastructure, the time to get involved is now.


“Belonging to the IGGA is by far one of our best decisions that we have made in our company. Interstate Sealant & Concrete has been a member of the IGGA since 2010. The IGGA takes a proactive and aggressive stance on preserving the Pavement Maintenance Industry and actively seeks answers to best practices in restoration, which has been a tremendous benefit and resource for our business. The IGGA exhibits a true compassion for the people they represent and they do it with integrity. We have built lasting relationships with our customers through the IGGA and are proud to be a part of a group that strives to make a difference.”

Cheryl Sment, President, Intersate Sealant & Concrete