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2022 Annual Meeting


November 29-30, 2022


Nashville, Tennessee


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The IGGA celebrates its 50th birthday in Nashville this year!

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Dr. Linda M. Pierce, Ph. D, P.E.,

Dr. Linda M. Pierce is a Principal Engineer at NCE. Dr. Pierce has civil engineering experience in pavement evaluation, management, performance prediction and modeling, thickness design, preservation, and rehabilitation, pavement type selection, and life-cycle cost analysis. 

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A Taste of Nashville

Join us for a reception Tuesday, Nov. 29th

from 4:30-6:30pm at

MBJ Rutledge Room logo.png

Located at

410 4th Avenue South

Downtown Nashville

Golf Shot

Ace in the Hole


Join us Wednesday, Nov. 30th, at [TIME] for our annual golf outing.

Further details forthcoming.


Deal me in!
I want to attend the annual meeting in nashville!

See you in fabulous Nash Vegas!

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