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NGCS Provides Alternative Noise Reduction Solution

NGCS Provides Alternative Noise Reduction Solution

Next generation concrete surface (NGCS) is the quietest non-porous concrete pavement surface available, providing a solution for noise control in areas where noise walls are not feasible.

In 2019, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) announced a $104 million design-build project affecting both directions of I-94 between TH25 in Monticello and TH24 in Clearwater. The project called for reconstruction of approximately 14 miles of roadway and new construction of another lane in each direction, taking the roadway from four to six lanes. Some of the highway runs along Locke Lake, which is substantially developed with numerous single-family residences.

MnDOT planned to expand the roadway to the inside and install a concrete median barrier. However, the prime contractor, HcPCi -- a joint venture between Hoffman Construction and PCiRoads -- proposed altering MnDOT’s design by widening the roadway to the outside, closer to the lake.

MnDOT is required to analyze noise impacts in various scenarios, and this location met MnDOT’s criteria for noise mitigation. Typically, noise is mitigated with noise walls. However, the geography of the site and proximity of the lake made constructing noise walls exceedingly difficult. Instead, HcPCi provided data showing NGCS would provide noise reduction meeting MnDOT’s requirements.

In 2022, the I-94 expansion project was completed with NGCS installed on the approximately 1/3-mile of roadway close to the lake. MnDOT also expanded the scope of the project, installing NGCS in the westbound lanes of that section.

Additional benefits of NGCS include a smooth surface that enhances rideability and pavement durability, as well as improved safety. Maintenance personnel also have reported NGCS reduces the amount of salt required in winter compared to traditional surfaces.

To find out more, read the IGGA case study "NGCS Valuable Alternative to Noise Walls."

Team Members

HcPCi (joint venture between Hoffman Construction and PCiRoads)

Concrete Paving Association of Minnesota



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